What is Cube for Teachers? Cube for Teachers is a free professional educational sharing network uniting teachers to instantly access peer recommended digital web resources. The Cube for Teachers portal is a unique social bookmarking community for educators to share, search and store their favorite educational resources from the Web. Cube for Teachers is a collaborative hub that is standards-aligned and filled with teacher selected resources. Fields within The Cube help educators pinpoint specific resources. Educators currently share web resources into 3 main topic areas: 1) Standards-Aligned Resources 2) Tools & Technology 3) Other Teaching Resources (i.e. strategies, ideas, shared blogs and more) Teachers can also create private professional groups. Each group is comprised of two areas: a personal search engine of shared web resources by group members and a discussion forum for ongoing dialogue, support and idea sharing. To date, educators have shared thousands of their favorite educational resources from around the world. As word continues to spread, more and more educators are calling Cube for Teachers their one-stop location for educational resource sharing and collaboration. A Message from Co-Founder, Susan Kwiecien As an educator who has specialized in the area of Special Education, meeting the diverse needs for our students is paramount. Creating the conditions for learning and well-being have always remained at the forefront of teaching and learning. Over the past while there has been an explosion of powerful educational resources shared across the Internet. More and more educators are sharing their thoughts and ideas through blogs that are scattered across the Web. To add, teachers try to manage web links through various locations that were never designed with the educator in mind. Looking for effective resources and support materials should not be an ongoing treasure hunt. As a teacher I can speak for all of us when I say that the motivation behind this exhaustive search is simply to meet the needs of our valuable diverse learners. However, as educators, our time is valuable and best spent in front of our students, not searching the world for resources. For educators, getting their hands on specific resources when they need them is paramount. We believe that teachers are education's greatest resource. In fact, teacher collaboration is regarded as one of the most important and widely accepted practices to improve the conditions for student learning. Through the wisdom and collaboration from numerous focus groups including effective teachers and school as well as system leaders, Cube for Teachers was created. The Cube provides teachers with a voice and choice. Designed for growth, Cube for Teachers will continue to refine and evolve to support teachers in this digital age of 21st Century learning and leading. Thank you, to all those who have collaborated and shared web resources inside Cube for Teachers. Together, we are building better education. Susan Kwiecien Co-Founder and Managing Director